Bioherald is an official International Journal of Blue Planet Society, India 


Bioherald is an international biannual journal published by the Blue Planet Society, Allahabad. The journal considers high quality unpublished original research papers, review articles and short notes broadly on pure and applied aspects of biology including biodiversity, conservation, ecology, environment, ethno-biology, morphology, taxonomy, economic biology etc., which have direct or indirect bearing on the enrichment of science and welfare of the society. All the communications submitted to the Bioherald are peer reviewed by at least two referees prior to the decision of the Editorial Board regarding the suitability of the article for publication in the journal. The manuscripts in English should be in final form typed on one side of A4 size paper and double spaced throughout with ample margins. Pages should be numbered consecutively beginning from the title page. Text in any format (tables and figure included or separately) on CD in MS Word with two hard copies should be mailed to the Editor-in-Chief or sent through email as attached file(s).

Manuscript Preparation: 
Each manuscript of full length research paper should be covered within 1500 words and review articles within 2500 words including tables, illustrations and references. Short notes should be within 200 words including tables, figures and references. The author(s) will have to bear additional charges for extra materials, in case the manuscripts exceed the word limits. Correct language and grammar (British) in the manuscript is the responsibility of the author. Poorly written (language, grammar and content) communications will not be entertained for review and would be rejected. No editing or materials change at the proof stage will be permitted. Short notes will have only title, author(s) name(s) and address followed by text and references.

Research Papers/Review Articles:
Full length communications should be divided into the following headings.

1. Title
The title should be as concise as possible and typed in sentence case. However, the proper nouns and scientific names (if any) should be as per international standards.  Author(s) name(s) should be typed in bold font and affiliation(s) in capital and small letters with normal italics fonts. E-mail address should be in normal italic fonts (not underlined).

2. Abstract:
The abstract should highlight the main findings of the paper in not more than 200 words and typed in bold, single space.
Keywords:  5 - 6 keywords in italics should be given.

3. Introduction:
This should be brief and should highlight the aims and objectives of the study. The review of the literature should be pertinent to the theme of the paper. Extensive review and unnecessary details of earlier work should be avoided. Heading introduction should not be written.

4. Materials and Methods:
This should briefly indicate the innovative methodology employed in the study, however in case well known methods are employed, mere citation of the standard work is sufficient. All measurement should be in metric units.

5. Results and Discussion:
The outcome of the study should be clearly and briefly described. It should also be supported by adequate tables, graphs and charts, wherever needed.

6. Tables and Figures: 
Table should be descriptive and referred in the text (in parenthesis) with heading in bold letters. Each table should be typed on a separate sheet. Figures, Photographs, line drawing and graph should be of good quality (black & white in hard copy and may be coloured online). Tables and figures should be numbered consequently in Arabic numerals (Table 1...2. Fig.1...2 etc.). Legends should be placed properly with figures and tables.

7. Acknowledgement(s): 
(Optional) funding agencies, individuals, institutions or organizations involved with the work should be acknowledged briefly indicating their contributions or efforts.

  In the body of the text, references should be cited as: single author (Pandey, 2010), two authors (Pandey & Chauhan, 2011), three or more authors (Gaugler, et al.,   2001). All literature cited in the text must be alphabetically listed under References at the end of the text. A pattern of different category of literature for listing is given hereunder:

(i) Books
Pandey, H.P. 2010. Principles of Plant Systematics (With Special Reference to Current Trends in Plant Taxonomy). Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

Pandey, H.P. & Chauhan, S.K. 2011. Turmeric: The Living Gold of Nature (An Exclusive Reference to Haldi (Curcuma longa L.) in Social and Scientific Perspectives). Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

(ii) Chapters in Books/Proceedings
  Pandey, H.P. 2011. Phytoastrology: A Botanical Approach to Astrology, in Plant Environment Interactions (ed. P.C.               Trivedi). Pointer Publishers, India, pp.     149-156.

(iii) Research Papers/Articles in Journals
  Adams, R.P. & Demeke, T. 1993. Systematic relationships in Juniperus based on random amplified polymorphic     DNAs (RAPD). Taxon 42: 553-571.

Submission of Manuscript: 
Two copies of manuscript complete in all respects along with a soft copy (CD) in MS Word should be submitted to Dr. H. P. Pandey, Editor-in-Chief (Bioherald), 22-B/2, Katra Road (Near Carpentry School), Allahabad–211002 (India). The manuscript submission through electronic mail (e-mail): is most preferred. Membership of the Blue Planet Society is mandatory for all the authors.

Copyright ©: 
Acceptance of the manuscript for the publication in Bioherald automatically transfers the copyright to Blue Planet Society, Allahabad.

 [Note: For the publication of book review, seminar/symposia/workshop news/reports and advertisements please contact; The Editor-in Chief, Bioherald]

Membership of Blue Planet Society

             Category                                                                                    Indian                                                            Foreign
             1. Annual (Individual)                                                                       Rs. 300/-                                                            US $ 30/-
             2. Life (Individual)                                                                            Rs. 2000/-                                                          US $ 300/-
             3. Institutional (for five years)                                                            Rs. 5000/-                                                          US $ 500/-

The payments should be made through demand draft in favour of ‘Blue Planet Society’ payable at Allahabad, U.P., India. For all correspondence Please contact to:
Dr. H. P. Pandey
Chief Editor, Bioherald
22-B/2, Katra Road, Allahabad-211002 (India)
Mobile: +91 9451370408
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